Veronica Ferrari (Rome, 1971) has been practicing the art of design since the beginning of her artistic career and began to dedicate herself to the study of painting techniques attending the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, under the teachings of Lino Tardia who attended Renato Guttuso’s studies.

The longstanding practice leads her to face and experiment several techniques, preferring the use of ink and charcoal most. The natural approach is a mix of techniques that enhance the sense of the artist’s representation, defined by a matter far from two-dimensional picture. In this way, her paintings, has an open dialogue with light and shadows.

The protagonist of Veronica Ferrari’s painting is the color, an expressive force that moves from figurative abstraction where the signs and icons recognized by our consciousness are embellished.

the painting of Veronica’s character color, an expressive force that moves from a figurative abstraction where the embossed signs and icons are materialized and recognized by our consciousness.



  • 2006 “Né inizio né fine”, Galleria dei Leoni, Via Margutta, Rome – Download
  • 2007 “Blu”, Galleria dei Leoni, Rome – Download
  • 2009 “Figure”, Galleria dei Leoni, Via Margutta, Rome – Download
  • 2012 “Senza Tema”, Galleria dei Leoni, Via Margutta, Rome – Download
  • 2018 “Giochi di Stelle”, Galleria Micro, Viale Mazzini, Rome
    Per Giochi di Stelle, raccolta di Poesie “Lascia il Segno” di RedRum – Download


  • 2005 “Monterosi City”, Monterosi (Viterbo)
  • 2006 “Il Segno Contemporaneo Italiano”, Crocetti Fundation Museum, Rome – Download


  • November 2007 Palladium Musicum, Greenwich (USA)


  • 2007 First Price “Oltre Aniene”, Casa delle Culture Oltre Aniene, Rome
  • 2018 Finalist at the Academic International Price “Apollo Dionisiaco” for Poetry, Contemporary Arts, 5th Edition, Art section, Rome – Download